Best EV Home Chargers for Rivian R1T

Rivian became the first EV maker to bring an electric pickup truck to market last year when it began delivering the R1T. If you have one or will soon get your delivery, it is important to invest in a home charging station to have the best charging experience. We have rounded up the best EV home chargers for Rivian R1T.

Top Home Charging Stations for Rivian R1T

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1. Rivian Wall Charger

One of the best EV home charging stations for Rivian R1T is the Rivian Wall Charger. The company can ship the R1T truck with the Rivian Wall Charger if you add one when ordering your vehicle. It is as sleek looking as the truck itself and charges fast, supplying 11.5 kW to your truck.


  • Adds up to 25 miles per hour
  • Comes with WiFi connectivity, allowing over the air (OTA) updates
  • Can work indoor and outdoor
  • Covered by a 5-year warranty


  • More expensive than the following Rivian portable charger

2. Rivian Portable Charger

This charger comes with every R1T and is very easy to use because you do not need any installation. It plugs into any electric socket and has adapters that allow it to work on 120 V or 240 V circuits. A 240 V outlet can deliver up to 16 miles per hour to your electric SUV.


  • Comes at no extra cost
  • Does not require installation
  • Can be taken anywhere
  • Easy to use


  • Charges very slowly, adding only a few miles per hour, if on 120 V

3. Pulsar Plus EV charging station

Pulsar is one of the most common brands when it comes to home charging stations. The Pulsar Plus can supply up to 9.6 kW to your R1T, about seven times faster than the Rivian Portable Charger. It works with the company’s smart meter to maximum charging power even in homes with limited power.


  • The charger can charge more than a car at a time
  • Designed to work on low-power circuits
  • Comes with a smartphone app with voice command
  • Designed to work easily with solar power


  • Has a relatively short charging cable
  • There are complaints of buggy Bluetooth connectivity

4. ChargePoint Home Flex EV charging station

The ChargePoint Home Flex comes with the option of a hardwired or detachable charging cable. It can add 36 miles per hour to your Rivian R1T. The home charger comes with a 3-year warranty and is offered as hard-wired or detachable cable.


  • Charges fast compare to other chargers
  • You can operate it remotely through your smartphone
  • Suitable for indoor and outdoor uses
  • Works with voice command


  • Some features can only be configured through the smartphone app

5. JuiceBox 40 Smart EV charging station

The JuiceBox 40 Smart is one of the top home chargers for Rivian R1T. It is designed with attention to detail, is attractive, and charges fast. Your R1T can get up to 10 kW from this charger. Depending on where you live, you may qualify for the manufacturer’s program that offers cash for smart charging.


  • Comes with cable storing feature
  • Receive notifications on your smartphone on the charging session progress
  • Charger lets you schedule charging sessions
  • Comes with support for Amazon Alexa


  • Pricier than some other models on this list

Rivian R1T – Best EV Home Charging Stations

The Rivian R1T got high praises from critics and owners when it started shipping last year. If you want the best EV home charger for Rivian R1T, you can’t go wrong with any of the options mentioned in this article.