Best EV Home Chargers for Tesla Model S

The Model S has been Tesla’s flagship electric vehicle for many years already. With sleek looks, incredible performance and acceleration, and ever-advancing battery technology and driving range, the Model S remains a car of aspiration for just about every electric car fan. As with its sister models from the same brand, the Model S is set apart by its impressive single-charge drive range. The question is which is the best home charging station for Tesla Model S? Check out our choices in the list below. 

Top Home Charging Stations for Tesla Model S

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1. Tesla Wall Connector (3rd Generation)

Top of the list has to be the signature Tesla Wall Connector. The main advantage is that this machine was originally designed by Tesla with your Tesla Model S (or another Tesla model) in mind. This box is capable of power-sharing to charge multiple cars simultaneously. Despite the name, you can also use it with an adapter to charge any other EV. Typical charging speed if about 44 miles of range added per hour. You can also check Tesla’s website and get the Wall Connector at a cheaper price.


  • Sleek, attractive, simple, and unimposing design 
  • Charger handle features push-button charge port door opener 
  • Easy to use, with a fast rate of charging of up to 44 miles per hour
  • Multiple cars charging possible 
  • Works on other EV models, too 

Cons – Cable length reduced to 18 feet, which is smaller than the average US 2-car garage (24 x 24 feet), which means cables now can’t guarantee to reach all corners in every garage. 

2. Mustart Level 2 Portable EV Charger

This is an updated version of the previous 26-Amp and 32-Amp EV home charger models, now as an offering for 40Amp charging with speeds 2.5 times faster than a regular 16-Amp level 2 charger. It offers a compact build and no need for an additional installation as it will connect with your NEMA 14-50 outlet. 


  • Convenient – connects directly to NEMA 14-50 outlet, no need for additional installation 
  • Long, 25-foot charging cable 
  • Comes with a superlative Mustard customer service guarantee 
  • Durable and powerful; lightning-, leak- and heat-resistant – good for indoor and outdoor use 
  • Can easily charge long-range Tesla Model S back to full overnight 

Cons – Manufacturer recommends turning charger off at socket after use, which is mildly inconvenient compared to some others that you can just plug in and forget. 

3. LEFANEV 32A EV Charger Leve 2 Station

When you’re focused purely on the charge and not worried about special aesthetics, this sturdy unit from LEFANEV is very reliable. Simply plug it into a NEMA 6-50 plug and set to the 32-amp power rating delivering 7.7kw of output. You’ll be able to add up to 24 miles of range per hour to your Tesla Model S (estimated with our charging calculator). It’s a simple plug-and-play option, but also that comes with smart chip technology that monitors the charge conditions and automatically adjusts or cancels where necessary.


  • CSA-listed and FCC-certified charger for safety and quality
  • 30-day unconditional replacement offered
  • Tough materials with IP66 waterproofing on the enclosure
  • Fast charging suitable for Tesla Model S longer range

Cons – Users wanting a more advanced setup with an app and remote-controlled features will be disappointed in this offering.

4. Blink Home Level 2 Electric Vehicle Charger 

This is an attractive and simple, powerful design that will appeal to those who want more of a no-frills charging experience without additional apps and other control systems. Those who just want to plug-in, get powerful and reliable charging, and then unplug and drive on will love this level 2 EV home charging station. 


  • Compatible with Model S and all Teslas using the J1772 adapter
  • All controls are simple push-button commands, still including smart features like start delay to avoid peak electricity hours 
  • Simplicity – no additional apps or controls and no need for working Wi-Fi connection; a self-contained and attractive unit 
  • Quality backed up by a 12-month manufacturer warranty 

Cons – Installation of the unit can be challenging because it’s larger and a little more complex to get hooked up to the wall. 

5. Splitvolt Level 2 EV Portable Charger

For those in a more compact home parking situation where installing a mounted wall box isn’t convenient, Splitvolt offers this easy-to-use alternative that plugs right into your NEMA 14-30 outlet or even your drier outlet. It’s compact but includes a 16.4-foot cable, and the charging unit also reveals current charging status, which is not common on these more compact units. A more powerful NEMA 14-50 option is also available for a higher price. 


  • Perfect for more compact home parking situations 
  • Offers up to 24A charging 
  • No additional installation required 
  • Portable, take with you for fast charging in many locations 

Cons – Cable might be too short for some, and many users have pointed to this minor drawback 

Tesla Model S – Best EV Home Charging Stations

The Tesla Model S is a powerful EV with long range. You need to give yourself viable charging options that can keep your range up and allow you the best of your Model S EV driving experience. We hope the above best home charging stations for Tesla Model S will allow you to find the perfect match.