How to store an electric car

There comes a time when an electric car owner will need to park or store their vehicle for days, weeks, or months. Here are things you might want to consider to keep your car safe.

Methods of storage of electric vehicles

This article will show you how to store your EV by yourself or by seeking the service of an auto storage facility. If you decide to keep your electric car by yourself, you need to know how to prepare your vehicle for the task ahead.

Preparing your electric car for home storage

Remember that vehicles are better active; leaving your EV without taking proper precautions can harm your car, so consider the following factors.

1. Select a suitable location at home

When selecting a place to store your EV, you should remember that the battery in your electric car does not like hot weather. It is ideal for keeping your EV in a garage or an enclosed space. The location is spacious to avoid objects or equipment falling on your car. 

You should get a quality waterproof car cover if your only option is an open space. It will shield your car from direct heat from the sun. Check the surrounding; if it is too close to trees, you don’t want to return to see that a tree has fallen on your car.

2. Hygiene – Keep your vehicle clean 

Do not store your vehicle dirty; clean and dry it thoroughly. A dirty car can breed rodents, mice, and several crawling insects.

You can spread dryer sheets in the corners of your vehicle. The smell will chase away insects and the like. You don’t want to return to your car and realize that mice have eaten up some wires.

3. Maintenance of your electric car before and during storage

Maintaining your car involves taking care of your battery, tires, and others.

  • Maintaining your battery

Most EVs have two batteries, the high-voltage battery, which fuels your car, and the 12volt battery, which powers the accessories. 

You should neither store your car with a zero percent battery level nor a hundred percent. Research shows that keeping your vehicle at zero or a hundred can diminish the high-voltage battery. Between 20 to 80 percent charge is ideal.

If you do not disconnect the 12volt battery in your EV, the battery might be dead before you return. Disconnect the cables from the battery terminals. 

Start with the negative terminal by loosening the bolt and the positive terminal. Remember to switch off your car before disconnection.

  • Maintaining your tires

If you use a parking brake for a long time, it could rust or wear out; it is better to use a tire stopper.

You can also store your car on lifts because parking your vehicle for an extended period can result in flat tire issues. If you aren’t available, you can arrange for someone to help you spin your car. That way, randomly, your tires can rest on different parts.

  • Other maintenance

Check your brake fluid if there is a need to top it off. Turn off all features that can drain your battery, like precooling and automatic map updates. 

If your vehicle uses coolant, check the level, you might need to top it off. Check your vehicle’s owner manual for further guidance and instructions.

4. Security – make sure your insurance coverage remains active

Do not be tempted to pause your car insurance coverage to save funds in case of accidents that might occur while you’re away. Your insurance coverage will cover safe your car.

Storing your electric car in an auto storage facility

If you decide to keep your EV in an auto storage facility, you should consider the following steps to select a reliable company.

1. Security – check if the auto storage is safe

You should research the auto storage facility and check if it is safe to keep your vehicle. A secured auto storage facility should have security measures like gates, burglaries, high fences, alarm-guided units, video surveillance, etc.

The facility should protect your car against environmental hazards and should also have insurance coverage that protects your vehicle.

2. Location – indoor or outdoor auto storage facility

Some auto storage facilities do not have an indoor option, which means that your electric car will be outside for a long time, exposing it to extreme temperatures that can drain your battery.

3. Quality maintenance should be provided by the auto storage facility

A credible auto storage facility should know how EVs work and provide quality maintenance for your car. They should also have EV charging stations.


Whichever method you choose to store your car, ensure that all necessary precautions are put in place so that you will meet your car in good condition when you’re ready to get back on the wheel.