The Latest News On Electric Vehicles And Home Chargers

Find here all the latest news on electric vehicles and home charging stations from all the top sources in the world: breaking news, announcements, photos, and videos. This news feed is directly connected to our twitter account @evhomecharger.

Our news feed about electric cars and EV home chargers

On this page, we want to give you the latest news on electric vehicles and home charging stations. Here, we simply want to inform you constantly.

As written above, this feed news is linked to our twitter account. Twitter is the best and fastest social media platform to get and spread the news. We chose Twitter because it gives us the chance to share news from the top EV sources in the world in a few seconds. We aim at sharing between two and four relevant information with you every day. The frequency will vary depending on our understanding of the importance of the information.

We focus on the following points, which you’ll find on this page.

News about electric vehicles

  • New models announcements
  • Photos, videos, and animations about the most beautiful electric cars
  • Technical innovations
  • Tips

News about EV home chargers

  • New home charging announcements
  • Technical innovations
  • Tips

News about the EV charging infrastructure

  • Governments decisions or policies that affect the EV community

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