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Top 10 pros and cons of electric cars

While there are many benefits of driving an electric vehicle, there are still a number of concerns. 

Pro #1

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Reduce Carbon Footprint

Electric cars are an excellent alternative to gasoline-powered vehicles as they do not emit CO2 into the atmosphere when driving.

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Save Money

The cost of electricity being cheaper than the cost per gallon, charging an electric car cost less than fueling a gas-driven car.

Pro #2

Comfort of Home Charging

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One of the most enjoyable benefits of EVs is that they can be charged at home. Save time and avoid long queues at public stations.

Pro #3

High-Quality Performance

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Electric cars are known to run smoothly and quietly, making the driving experience more comfortable.

Pro #4

Electric grid load balancing

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By adjusting the charging time to the electricity price, EVs help to balance the load in the electric grid, improving the use of renewables. 

Pro #5

Less maintenance

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EVs powertrains rely on fewer moving parts than combustion-driven vehicles, which typically translates to fewer services needed.

Pro #6

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Range Limitations

For years, the range has been one of the major concerns. However,  most modern electric cars can now drive a long distance.

Con #1

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Charging Stations 

The number of charging stations has increased in recent years. However more effort needs to be done to improve the infrastructure.

Con #2

Long Charging Time

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Charging an electric vehicle can take some time. This is especially true if the battery is completely discharged.

Con #3

High Prices

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Prices can be very high as the number of electric vehicles offered is still limited.

Con #4

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