About us

Welcome to homechargingstations.com!

We’re Caspar and Mathieu, two friends with over or a decade of combined experience in the automotive industry.

Our interest in electric vehicles has encouraged us to create this website. We aim to provide trustworthy information to electric car enthusiasts, owners, and buyers on selecting the right EV charger for their vehicle. We also offer comprehensive details on electric cars to ensure that people are well-informed and up-to-date regarding the EV sector. 

Our Story

In 2018, we started homechargingstations.com because we noticed the electric vehicle industry was rapidly expanding and people were seeking reliable and effective home charging options. The objective of the website is to become the primary online resource for EV charging advice and assistance.

Our personal touch

When it comes to electric vehicles, people often experience feelings of confusion and being overwhelmed. That’s why we have designed our website to be simple and easy to understand, especially for those who are new to EVs. Our priority is to offer a warm and empathetic approach to every visitor, ensuring you feel supported and informed throughout your home charging journey.

What Sets Us Apart

Our knowledge and experience enable us to guide you through the selection of the right EV home charger for your vehicle.

Here’s what makes homechargingstations.com your go-to source for reliable EV charging information:

  • Comprehensive guides – We offer comprehensive guides that provide detailed information to help you navigate the world of EV charging and find the perfect solution for your vehicle and specific needs.
  • Expert advice – We offer guidance on the right charging station, installation, or general EV charging tips.
  • Up-to-date Information – Our website is constantly updated with the latest information regarding charging technologies, and trends.
  • Trustworthy Recommendations – We carefully research and analyze available EV chargers in the market and only recommend products that are reliable, efficient, and user-friendly.
  • Electric Vehicle Insights – In addition to EV charging, we also provide valuable information on various aspects of electric vehicles, such as their environmental benefits and maintenance.

Our vision

The goal of homechargingstations.com is to help electric car owners with the necessary tools and expertise to smoothly integrate home charging into their daily routines.

We strive to consistently expand our information resources to meet the evolving requirements of the electric vehicle community without leaving out any essential details.


We’re happy to connect with you. Send us an email at contact@homechargingstations.com, if you have any recommendations for the site. 

Join us on this exciting journey and allow us to assist you in finding the perfect home charging solution to power up your electric vehicle!

Warm regards,

Caspar and Mathieu

Founders of homechargingstations.com