EV Charging Trip Planner

Use our tool below to calculate the charging time and charging cost for your next journey with your electric vehicle.

Set your starting point and choose your destination on the interactive map, the trip planner will find the fastes route for you and estimate:

  • how long you need to charge to make your trip on one charge
  • how much the trip will cost you

Charging route planner map

Display navigation directions

The tool calculates the estimation based on the distance of your trip. The distance is given by the route provided by the navigation map.

EV trip charging time calculator

Miles Kilometers

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kW Ampere

Charging power

EV energy consumption

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Estimated total charging time
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Insert the charging power of your home charging station or the charger you are planning to use, as well as the energy consumption of your vehicle.

EV trip cost calculator


Charging cost

Select the type of any additional cost

No additional fee will be added to the cost

Estimated total charging cost for the trip

Enter the charging cost for the station you are planning to use. The cost calculator allows you to enter the costs for multiple pricing options, like one time fees, a hourly rate and/or kW price.

What will your next trip be?

Your next trip might be the drive to your workplace, to go shopping or visit the family. No matter if it’s a short drive or a longer trip, our tool helps you understand the charging needs for EVs.

How long does it take to charge for a trip from the airport to the city center?

A common trip is from the airport into downtown. Find here a quick overview of charging times and charging costs for trips from four airports to downtown.

Settings for our example trips:

  • Charging Power: 11kW
  • Energy consumption: 15 kWh /100 Miles
  • Charging Cost: 13 Cents / kWh
TripCharging timeCharging cost
LAX – Downtown LA18 minutes0.43 $
JFK Airport – Manhattan16 minutes0.39 $
CDG – Paris17 minutes0.41 $
Heathrow – London15 minutes0.38 $

EV charging trip planner step-by-step guide

Define your trip, from where to where are you planning to go?

  • Step 1: Starting Point – Enter the adress of your starting point similar to all other common maps or select the starting pont by clicking in our interactive map.
  • Step 2: Destination – Enter the destination just as you entered the starting point.

Calculate the charging time for your trip:

  • Step 3: Distance Unit – Select the distance unit, you want the results to be displayed in. By default miles are selected.
  • Step 4: Charging Power – Insert the charging power output from the charger you are planning to use. By default the charging power will be set in KW, you can also change the power entry to Ampere. We are assuming a voltage of 240V to calculate the charging power for you in the background.
  • Step 5: Energy Consumption – Enter here the energy consumption of the vehicle (kWh/100). The energy consumption depends on the design of the vehicle and your driving style. (If you don’t know the Energy Consumption of your car, check our charging tools for individual vehicles, in which we list the standard energy consumption of many brands such as Tesla, Nissan, Audi, BMW, VW, Ford, KIA).

Great! You’ve now calculated the charging time of the vehicle.

Estimate the charging cost for your trip:

  • Step 6: Currency – Select the currency you are using.
  • Step 7: Charging Cost – Enter the cost per kWh. If you are planning to charge at home, you might want to insert your energy price here. If you are charging at a public charger, you can insert the kWh price of the operator.
  • Step 8: Type of additional costs– When charging at a public charging station, often additional cost occur, such as a one time fee, a hourly parking cost or a minutely parking cost. Select an additional cost type here, if it applies to your situation.
  • Step 9: Additional cost– Insert here the price for the additional cost. The insertion will adjust according to the additional cost type selected in the prior step.

Awesome! You´ve estimated the charging cost for your trip.

We hope our tool enables you to get a better feeling for the charging time and the cost for charging need for your trip.

If you need further assistance or would like to help us improve our EV route planner, please contact us at contact@homechargingstations.com.