EV Added Range Per Time Of Charging

Calculating exactly how much range has been gained after charging a vehicle for a certain time can be challenging. For this reason, we’ve created a tool to estimate the range gained from your last charging session. Please follow the step-by-step guide below the tool if you need any further assistance.

How much did you increase your range after charging your EV?

Our easy-to-use interactive online tool helps you estimate the range you gained after charging your vehicle.

Miles Kilometers

Charging power

EV energy consumption

0 75

Hours charged

0 36

Minutes charged

0 59

Battery Size

1 200
Calculated available range

EV gained range calculator: step-by-step explanation

  • Distance unit – Select the distance unit, miles or kilometer.
  • Charging power – Set the charging power in kW. Please keep in mind that the charging power depends on the charging station as well as the EV. Select the lower available charging power for the calculator. Here are two examples on selecting the charging power:
 Example 1Example 2
Max battery capacity70 kWh70 kWh
Max charged capacity55 kWh75 kWh
Available capacity55 kWh70 kWh
  • EV energy consumption – Select here the energy consumption of your electric vehicle in kWh.
  • Charging hours – Set the hours of the charging process.
  • Charging minutes – Set the minutes of the charging process.
  • Battery size – Select the current battery size of the electric car in kWh.

Congratulations! You’ve now calculated how much range you’ve gained and how far you can go with your electric car after the charging session.

This is a basic estimation simply taking into account the charging power, the battery size, the EV energy consumption, and the time (in hours and minutes) needed to charge the vehicle.

Please note that this is an estimation and that other factors can affect the vehicle’s range:

  • Operating temperature
  • Speed and driving style
  • Battery condition
  • Climate control
  • Road type
  • Weight
  • Battery condition
  • Climate control
  • Tire condition

Although the number of available charging stations is increasing rapidly, finding charging opportunities is still a quest for EV drivers. Trips still need to be thought through. This tool helps you to understand the distance you can drive after charging your EV. By changing the charging power you can also get a better understanding of the impact a home charging station with a high charging power can have on your available range. The same goes for the EV energy consumption, your style of driving has a big impact on your range.

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