Cost To Charge An Electric Car Calculator

We’ve created a calculator to help you estimate the cost to charge an electric car. Follow the instructions below the tool if you need any further assistance.


Electricity price of your supplier

0 2

Battery Size

1 200

Charging efficiency

0 100
Cost to fully charge the EV

Use the tool provided below to determine the EV charging cost for a particular distance.

Miles Kilometers

EV energy consumption

0 50


1 1000
Cost to charge the EV for this distance

Since energy loss occurs during the charging process, assuming a 100% charging efficiency would be impractical. Charging efficiency typically ranges between 80% and 90% based on the EV model, and might even be lower in some cases. In fact, the lower the battery charging efficiency, the higher the charging cost. Refer to the example in the table below for a clearer understanding:

Vehicle Battery Size33kWh33kWh
Charging efficiency90%80%
Electricity price0.15 cent/kWh0.15 cent/kWh
Charging cost5.50 $6.19 $

If you have some difficulties using our calculator, we’ve created a step-by-step guide to assist you during the estimation.

Instructions for using our electric car charging cost calculator

  1. Choose your currency.
  2. Electricity price from your supplier (price/kWh) – Determine your electricity rate per kWh. To find this information, consult your electricity bill or contact your supplier.
  3. EV battery size – This refers to the total battery capacity of the car in kWh.
  4. Charging efficiency – Input the vehicle’s charging efficiency as a percentage.

Well done! You have now calculated the cost to fully charge the electric vehicle.

If you would like to estimate the cost to charge an EV for a specific distance, please follow these additional steps:

  • EV energy consumption per 100 miles or km – Select the vehicle’s consumption in kWh/100 miles or km.
  • Distance – Choose the distance for which you want to calculate the charging cost.

This basic estimation considers the price you pay per kWh of electricity, the battery size of the vehicle, the energy consumption, and the charging efficiency. However, many other factors can affect the charging price of an EV. For this, we invite you to check our article How much does it cost to charge an electric car? where we provide useful tips on how to reduce the final cost.

Our Personal Experience with Charging Costs

From our own experience, we can’t stress enough the importance of understanding EV charging costs. People often struggle to find accurate information on charging costs. That’s why we’ve decided to create this user-friendly calculator to help others in a similar situation.

Effortlessly Estimate Charging Time on Your Mobile Device

Additionally, you can download our app on both Android and iOS platforms. The app enables you to calculate the charging time and cost of your vehicle directly on your mobile device. Download our app now!

EV Charging Time Calculator – Research and testing

We conducted extended research and testing before launching our tool, to ensure our calculator is as accurate and reliable as possible. Our tests have shown that the charging cost can be broken down to only a handful of factors. This allows us to focus on factors like battery size, charging efficiency, and electricity rates to be crucial when estimating EV charging costs. 

We hope you find our calculator practical, and our personal experiences and advice helpful. If you require any further information, find a bug, or want to help us improve our charging cost calculator, feel free to contact us at Your feedback, based on your personal experiences, is invaluable in making this tool even better.