Best EV Home Chargers For Renault Zoe UK

The Renault Zoe has been a smash hit since first arriving on the market back in 2013. It remains a top-selling model, especially in its home nation of France. Its battery strength has increased greatly over the years, allowing it greater range and further boosting its popularity. As with many EVs, however, drivers are always looking for more efficient charging solutions. In today’s article, we’re covering the best electric vehicle home charging stations suitable for the Renault Zoe. 

Top Home Charging Stations for Renault Zoe

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1. Project EV Smart Electric Vehicle Car Charger

Accompanied by a smart app allowing users full control over the charging process, this offering from Project EV is recommended across a number of online platforms for the Renault Zoe. Owners of a newer Zoe with a bigger battery will appreciate its power and efficiency, as well as its smart design and impressive list of accreditations. 


  • Flexible installation options – wall or pole mounting 
  • Easy-to-use and the intuitive smart app allows you to choose optimal off-peak charge times, max charge rate, etc. 
  • The device carries OLEV accreditation, as well as IP65 water protection grade
  • It can be used with existing solar devices if you have them 

Con – While the app allows young, familiar users to take full advantage of its features, older or less tech-savvy drivers will lose out, not getting the most out of the charger. 

2. Wallbox Charger Pulsar Plus

This is a compact unit that combines serious capabilities. It has a power output of up to 22kW, powerful enough to recharge the first-generation Renault Zoe in a short time. Even with the newest, most powerful Zoe, this powerful unit can keep you on the road with your range maximized. It’s also very small and inconspicuous, allowing it to be added to any home setup without affecting the overall aesthetic. 


  • Compact and aesthetically subtle design – an easy addition to any home
  • Powerful output of up to 22kW, despite the small size 
  • Comes with a free smart app to manage optimum charging times and tariffs 

Cons – You have to make a separate purchase from the company to get the maximum charge potential from Wallbox. That’s more expensive and a bit more hassle compared with other all-in-one models. 

3. Morec EV Charging Station 32A

For those who appreciate EV home charging station brand recognition, Morec is a firm favorite. The unit comes with a 1-year warranty and charges to a pleasing rate of about 7.68kW and up to 32 amps of current. It’s not the most powerful unit, but it’s easy to install and use, and comes with handy user-friendly features like an LED screen on the box, long 7.5m cable, and straightforward plug-and-play usage. 


  • No complex or fiddly apps to use; great for all drivers 
  • Quality backed up by 12-month warranty 
  • 7.5m cable means the unit is always within reach 
  • Decent current and power rating suitable for all model years of the Renault Zoe

Cons – It’s a simple design and lacks the smart features of newer models like the user app.

4. K.H.O.N.S. Type 2 Portable EV Charger

We always like to include a portable option in our lists, and this offering from K.H.O.N.S. fits the bill very well. It’s also the budget option at well under the £200 mark. If you take your Zoe on the road regularly and find yourself needing to charge outside the home with limited or no access to public charging stations, then this is an ideal partner. 


  • Light and portable, but still a relatively powerful type 2 charging solution
  • Charges with up to 10 amps of current and is well-protected against leakage, overheating, etc. 
  • Plug in directly to any standard 3-pin UK outlet – works wherever you go that has any reachable standard outlet 
  • IP54 waterproof rating 

Con – Smaller power output of under 3kWh, so will require more time than a home unit. You have to pay for portability and convenience with slower charge times. 

5. TTLIFE Electric Vehicle Portable Charger Type 2

If you must have a portable option, but with more power, then this TTLIFE charger should work. It can output up to 7.68kWh, making it 6 times faster than the typical type 1 charger, including the one that comes with your Renault Zoe, and two times faster than a typical 13-amp charging setup. Plug it into any 3-pin socket with the handy 7.5-meter cable. 


  • Portable and comes with its own handy carry bag 
  • Handy LED screen built onto the charger unit – allows you to track useful information
  • 7.68kW charging means much faster than your standard Renault charger
  • Carries CE, TUV certifications and IP65 waterproof rating 

Con – Cable is long but quite slim, so how long it will last, especially if used outdoors is questionable. You’d expect a sturdier cable on a portable model. 

Best EV Home Charging Stations for Renault Zoe in the UK

The Renault Zoe is a compact car, but with an increasingly powerful battery. This means that to get the most of out your car, you need to ensure you have a charger that’s up to the task and can keep you on the road with your maximum required range. We hope our list is helpful in that regard.