Ford f-150 Lightning Charging Time

Use our tool below to calculate the charging time of the Ford f-150 Lightning. If you don’t find the battery size of your vehicle in the dropdown list below, feel free to use our universal EV charging time calculator.

About the Ford f-150 Lightning

Ford is a household name in automobile manufacturing. With its focus shifting to electric vehicles, we expected the American company to take a stab at the pickup truck segment because of the popularity of its gas-powered F-150 series. The Ford-150 Lightning looks to be a capable truck for workers with tools because the battery can send out power too.

With a combination of good range, well-appointed interior, and moderate price, the Lightning should have no problem attracting truck lovers who want to drive without causing emissions.

Key Stats:

  • Manufacturer: Ford
  • Battery sizes (estimated): 115 kWh; 155 kWh
  • Range (estimated): up to 300 miles (483 kilometers)

Charging time calculator for a Ford f-150 Lightning

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Estimated total charging time: hour(s) and minutes

If you want to calculate the charging time for a certain distance, complete the steps below:

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7.Model energy consumption kWh/100

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How long does it take to charge a Ford f-150 Lightning?

With a battery capacity of 115 kWh, charging a Ford f-150 Lightning at home from 0% to 100% can take up to 67 hours with a 1.9 kW level 1 charger, or between 6 to 12 hours with an 11-22 kW level 2 charging station. With fast charging at a public station, the vehicle can be charged in less than 55 minutes.

Charge time for a Ford f-150 Lightning

Charger levelCharging time
Level 1 charger 1.9 kW up to 67 hours
Level 2 charger – 11-22 kW between 6 to 12 hours
Public Station DC Fast Chargingless than 55 minutes

Common questions and useful information

Ford f-150 Lightning charging time calculator step-by-step guide

  • Step 1: Battery size – Select the battery size of the vehicle from the dropdown list
  • Step 2 and 3: Starting and target charge level – Set the current and desired state of charge. For a full charge, select respectively 0% and 100%. Please note, the target charge level can’t be lower than the starting charge level.
  • Step 4: Charging power in kW – Enter the charging power output.

Great! You’ve now calculated the charging time of the vehicle.

To calculate your daily charging time or the charging time for a certain distance, please follow the next steps.

  • Step 5: Distance unit – Select miles, or km.
  • Step 6: Distance per day – Set the driving distance.
  • Step 7: Energy consumption in kW – Select your model or enter here the energy consumption of the vehicle (kWh/100).

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