Best Portable Level 1 EV Chargers

Electric cars are great to own and operate. However, you have to charge the battery to use them. If you are planning to buy a Level 1 charger for your electric car, it may be overwhelming going through all the options available. In this article, we have compiled the list of 5 top portable Level 1 EV chargers on the market.

Top Portable Level 1 EV Charging Stations

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1. MEGEAR Level 1 Portable EV charger

The Megear Level 1 charging station comes highly recommended. It has a J1772 charging cable, allowing it to charge basically any electric car in the US because the vehicle will likely come with an SAE J1772. For Tesla vehicles, there usually is an adapter delivered with the car, but you can easily get one.

The cable is long enough, at 25 feet or 7.6 meters. However, it is fixed.

The Megear Level 1 charger is capable of supplying 1.92 kW to your EV; good for times you just need to top up the battery or in a pinch. It connects to a regular home outlet without requiring any modification to your wiring.

The brain box has 4 LED lights that indicate the charging status. One of them will notify you when there is a problem with the charger, thanks to a chip that monitors all the aspects of the charging process.


  • Long charging cable
  • Easy to use
  • Very portable
  • Can report any issue it has


  • There have been reports of the cable failing
  • The cable is fixed

2. Morec Level 1-2 portable EV charger

This Morec portable level 2 EV home charger features high-quality engineering to make it safer and more effective. Compared to other models, the Morec circuitry boasts better heat dissipation and waterproofing to prevent any short-circuiting. On top of that, you still get the fast charging times and more. 

The name of this top charger might be confusing, but it is a Level 1 charger. Thanks to its j1772, you can connect to and charge different types of cars. It has a maximum current of 15A and will supply 1.8 kW.

Because of its small footprint, this is a charger you can throw into your boot and use anywhere you can find a socket. Thanks to the intelligent chip embedded, the charger can correct minor problems while charging.

The Morec Level 1 portable EV charger has an IP 65 rating, meaning you can use it to charge your car even in the rain.

The Morec charger comes with four LEDs to indicate its possible state. The charging cable is 24 ft long, and a strip of LCD screen lets you read basic info like the temperature and amperage.


  • Simple design
  • Has an LCD screen to monitor the charging session
  • Long cable
  • Dustproof and waterproof

Con – Full warranty is only six months.

3. Lectron Level 1 portable EV charger

Another top Level 1 portable EV charger is the Lectron. This brand also charges most EVs, so you are likely to be covered if you get a second electric car or plug-in hybrid.

The Lectron portable charger uses LED indicators to communicate its status. It will tell when it is malfunctioning or not working at all. However, you will likely get a warning first, allowing you to act fast to prevent damage. The cable is 21 feet and will cover most driveways.

Drawing power from your average home socket, the Lectron charger can send 16 Amps of electricity to your car.


  • Has any easy-to-use method of operation
  • Equipped to report issues it may have
  • The charging cable is long enough

Con – Could be finicky to get to work.

4. Schumacher SC1455 portable EV charger

The Schumacher SC1455 makes it into our top five Level 1 portable chargers list. It comes with an extraordinarily long cord. It is compatible with any electric car equipped with a J1772 connector.

This Level 1 charger can deliver 16 amps to your car. It has a rubber cover to prevent water and dirt from affecting it. It has several light indicators for monitoring charging progress.


  • Really long charging cord
  • Has a rubber to keep out water and dust
  • Portable and easy to take around

Con – No UL certification. 

5. BougeRV Level 1-2 EV charger

This Level 1 charger can also handle Level 2 charging when you need it. It comes with protection against lightning, too much voltage, overheating, etc.

The BougeRV charger uses a set of LED lights to indicate charging progress, but it is also helpful in locating the charging in the dark.

The charging cable is 25 ft long and comes with an adapter. There is also a sturdy carrying case supplied with the charger.


  • Has a carrying case for conveniently transporting it
  • Has multiple protections
  • Can charge with Level 2 required
  • Comes with an adapter

Con – Users have complained about the fault light coming on randomly.

Conclusion – Best Portable Level 1 EV Home Chargers

Level 1 chargers are convenient to charge your EV because they are usually barebones, can work with any socket, and can be taken anywhere you go. They are also more affordable. If you are in the market for one, our list of the best Level 1 portable EV charging stations will help you make the right choice.