Best Portable Level 2 EV Chargers

As more of us make the big switch to electric vehicles, the need for charging solutions continues to grow. Most EVs come with a factory-issued charger that can plug directly into your regular household electricity supply via a NEMA 5-15 socket. These are known as “Level 1” chargers and typically charge at a slow but steady pace. For those with long periods of time where the car can be charged, they work just fine. 

For many drivers, however, the need for faster-charging solutions is pressing, which is why we have “Level 2” chargers, which get the job done at speeds several times faster than their Level 1 counterparts. Because not everyone is able to install indoor/outdoor wall-mounted EV charging stations, today we’re going to share our findings on the best portable level 2 EV chargers available out there today. 

Top Portable Level 2 EV Charging Stations

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1. Megear Level 2 EV Charger (Budget Choice) 

Since going up to Level 2 is usually a more expensive option, we thought we’d top the list with a quality budget option. This one is handy because it comes with an adapter for your NEMA 5-15 standard 120V wall plug. The result is fast 240V charging speeds without the headache of making any major changes to your home setup. It also means you can take it anywhere and be sure of getting a charge. 


  • Can be plugged into NEMA 5-15 plug via the included adapter 
  • Able to charge just about everywhere, since most places have at least a NEMA 5-15
  • Compatible with all major brands 
  • Solid protections – lightning, leaks, overloading, overheating, waterproof and more 

Con – There’s not much of an aftersales service to speak of, according to a number of users, which is problematic if you encounter any issues. 

2. Morec 32 Amp EV Charger Level 2

This Morec portable level 2 EV home charger features high-quality engineering to make it safer and more effective. Compared to other models, the Morec circuitry boasts better heat dissipation and waterproofing to prevent any short-circuiting. On top of that, you still get the fast charging times and more. 


  • Portable but still has LED screen to display charge status and more
  • 26-ft cable makes charging on the go easier and more convenient
  • Comes with both CE, and TUV certification from Germany to help assure you of quality and safety features 

Con – Must have a NEMA 14-50 outlet to connect, which is not most convenient for everyone. It’s also an expensive price for a portable level 2 electric car charger. 

3. PRIMECOM Level 2 EV Charger

A smart offering from PRIMECOM that includes an intelligent chip that can communicate with your vehicle and automatically adjust the amperage to maintain a safe and steady charge. 


  • The standard package features a 30’ cable, much longer than typically offered. There’s an upgraded model with a 50’ cable if you need that
  • Fits in a normal dryer outlet, making it near-universal and very handy as a portable charger when you’re not at home 
  • Very easy to use; just plug and play
  • LED screen displays all charge info, temperature, and other relevant information

Con – It’s a lot of extra money for a longer cable if you need it, and still harder to use if you don’t have access to the plug socket type. 

4. MAX GREEN Outdoor-Use EV Charger

When you want a device among the best portable level 2 EV chargers that are built specifically with the outdoors in mind, then this is a great option. It’s not to say none of the other could be used outdoors, but it seems this one was designed for use outside. 


  • IP67 spray and splash-proof 
  • Highly durable materials make it ideal for outdoor use 
  • Comes with multiple adapters to keep you plugged into any socket – perfect when you’re away from home with unfamiliar surroundings 
  • Charging speeds up to 3 times faster than regular Level 1 charging 

Con – You’re paying a pretty big premium for a reasonable charge speed and durable materials, at least compared to similar models. 

5. MUSTART Level 2 Portable EV Charger

The MUSTART model comes with a fetching design, a handy USB screen, 25-ft cable as standard, and a range of power ratings for various charging rates. The price above indicates the 26-amp version compatible with a NEMA 14-30 outlet. Availability extends to 40-amp chargers for NEMA 10-50 outlets. 


  • Great-value price rating, even when you “level up” to the higher amperage chargers
  • Attractive ergonomic design; charging box fits in the hand well with a display screen showing all the important information clearly 
  • Comes with a 2-year warranty – most only offer a single year 
  • Even the base model can offer speeds 3 times greater than normal Level 1 charging 

Con – No longer cable available could limit options for charging when on the road or in a spot far from a charging point. 

Best Portable Level 2 EV Home Charger 

Having an extra portable electric car charging station, especially a level 2 charger, is a must for an EV owner. You never know when you might need that extra charge, especially while the world’s public charging infrastructure is still catching up to those of us who have made the switch to an electric vehicle early.