Aiways U5 Charging Time

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About the Aiways U5

Aiways U5 is a lightweight modern, and spacious family SUV with four electric door handles and an electric truck lid.
It can receive over-the-air updates, with a subscription offer to an app (Pump) that features a charging station and live traffic updates.

Key Stats:

Charging time calculator for Aiways U5

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0 100

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1 1000

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0 75
Total charging time

How long does it take to charge an Aiways U5?

With a battery capacity of 63 kWh, charging an Aiways U5 at home from 20% to 80% can take up to 28:00 hours with a 1.9 kW level 1 charger, or between 01:54 to 03:49 hours with an 11-22 kW level 2 charging station. With fast charging at a public station, the vehicle can be charged in less than 00:16 hours.

Charge time for an Aiways U5

Charger levelCharging time
Level 1 charger 1.9 kWup to 28:00 hours
Level 2 charger – 11-22 kW between 01:54 to 03:49 hours
Public Station DC Fast Chargingless than 00:16 hours

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Aiways U5 charging time calculator step-by-step guide

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