Chevy Bolt – Best EV Home Chargers

Chevrolet is one of the true all-American car brands. U.S. News & World Report ranks the 2020 Bolt among the top 10 in the Hybrid and Electric Cars category with a solid score of 7.8. The electric motor and battery are very impressive indeed, offering a fantastic 259 miles of driving range on a single charge.

Despite the many plus points of its electric power technology, the Bolt like any other car will eventually need charging. Sure, you get a standard type-1 charging cable with the car that simply plugs into your home’s main power, but is that enough? For those looking for an enhanced charging experience, they should check out our 5 top choices for home chargers for Chevy Bolt.

Let’s see what made the cut:

Top EV Home Charging Stations for Chevy Bolt

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1. LEFANEV EV Charger Level 2

Coming in first is this fine offering from LEFANEV. This wall-mounted level-2 system offers an impressive charge at 32amps. It can add around 25 miles of range per hour of charge, making it a powerful offering as an electric vehicle charger for the home.


  • Durable, weatherproof, and suitable for both indoor and outdoor installation.
  • Comes with a smart chip that will monitor the many details of charging like current, charging time, voltage, and more
  • All info is displayed on a handy LED screen
  • Large and powerful, but light in weight – the unit only weighs 6.6lbs
  • Mid-range price is a great value for the level of charging station

ConNo Wi-Fi connection makes it hard to manage on- and off-peak charging preference.

2. Blink Home Level 2 EV Charger (with Blink Public Charging Credit)

This attractive wall-mounted charger, it seems, comes with added extras like a discount on Blink Pro charging services, as well as a $100 public charging card. These are nice bonuses added onto the user-friendly interface and pleasing sleek design.


  • 30amp charging that offers to charge up to 6 times faster than the standard-issue cable arrangement that came with your Chevy Bolt.
  • Features a start delay function so you can ensure your charging only begins during off-peak energy hours.
  • Easy to install with a “plug-and-play” style build – just install and use; no need for additional software or other extras.
  • Sleek design that looks great wherever you install it

Con – It’s very bulky at 21.7 pounds, and the operation may feel rather “analog” to those tech-heads who enjoy the convenience of remote access via an app or Wi-Fi connection.

3. AmazingE Level 2

The AmazingE is something of a hybrid in the world of home charging stations for EVs. It combines the charging power of a level 2 setup, but with the same portability and compact size as your standard charging cable. You can mount it up on the wall, or just store it in your trunk – it works just as well either way!


  • Perfect for people who need more flexibility in their charging options.
  • 20’ cable allows you to plug in almost anywhere without trouble
  • 16amp charge is superb for a unit of this size/scale

Conlacks the more robust power of a fixed unit, and therefore will take longer to charge long-range units like the Chevy Bolt. If you’re in a hurry, you may need something more powerful.

4. LEFANEV EV Charger Level 2 Cable Portable

Another offering from LEFANEV, but this time a portable version. This is also the most budget-friendly on our list while still being highly rated by users. This one offers 10- or 16-amp charging options, but the best thing is that you can take it everywhere you go.


  • Portable design – load it into your Chevy Bolt and keep it ready for charging anywhere.
  • Made from durable ABS materials; suitable for indoor/outdoor use.
  • Better value even than Chevy’s own level 2 model, and works efficiently and reliably on any setting.

Con – Absolutely requires the NEMA 6-20 outlet pre-installed, and only heavy-duty outlets will manage the 16-am charge. May leave you only to use the 10-amp option.

5. JuiceBox 40 Next Generation Smart EV Charging Station

This one is undoubtedly the smartest unit on our list. JuiceBox has manufactured a sleek, durable, and powerful unit offering up to a 40amp charge. This one also includes smarter functions like Wi-Fi connectivity that syncs functions with your smartphone or similar device.


  • 40amp charging offers to charge up to 7 times faster than the standard-issue cables.
  • Comes with a 3-year warranty, helping to guarantee quality and efficacy.
  • Take advantage of the smart features to charge efficiently and save money.
  • Plug compatible with some dryer outlets via an adapter – added convenience!

Con – Though the price is currently reduced, it’s hardly “budget-friendly.” They do say, though, that you get what you pay for.

Chevy Bolt Needs Charging? Look No Further

We hope our list leads you to the perfect home charger for your Chevy Bolt. It’s a great electric vehicle and deserves a device to match its quality and style. Shop smart, and choose a home charging station that meets your needs — speed, power, portability, design, indoor/outdoor, plug fitting, and more. It’s a buyer’s market. Enjoy!