Best EV home Chargers for Ford F-150 Lightning Electric Truck

The Ford F-150 Lightning is finally coming this year. If you hold a reservation, it is time you start thinking of how to charge the pickup truck when you take the delivery. You can opt to charge with the mobile charger supplied by Ford, but as a Level 1, you will spend lots of time before filling up the battery. We advise that you install your own home charging station. In this article, we have rounded up the top five EV home charging stations for Ford F-150 Lightning electric truck.

Top Home Charging Stations for Ford f-150 Lightning

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1. Ford Charge Station Pro

If you are getting the extended battery pack option, we recommend the Ford Charge Station Pro. This is an 80 amps home charger with the CCS connector. It can supply 19.2 kW, meaning you can add about 54 miles for each hour of plugin.


  • Can do bi-directional charging
  • Can work Ford’s Intelligent Backup Power System
  • Charges really fast
  • Works with the FordPass mobile app
  • 25-foot long charging cable

Con May require a full electrical service upgrade to install and operate

2. Ford Mobile Power Cord

Ford offers the Mobile Charger, a Level 1 and 2 option with a NEMA 14-50 adapter. It delivers 30-amps to the truck, suitable for about 7 kW. This can add up to 20 miles of range per hour of plugging in. The Mobile Charger requires a NEMA 14-50 outlet on a dedicated 50-amp circuit. It also has dynamic color LED lights showing power and charging status.


  • Compatible with other EVs by using industry-standard SAE J1772 connector
  • It can be used both indoor and outdoor
  • Backed by Ford Motor Company 3-year warranty
  • Easy to monitor charging status
  • Long charging cable 20 feet in length

Con – It will take longer to charge the extended-battery pack Lightning

3. Ford Connected Charge Station

Ford also provides the Connected Charge Station if you want to charge the Lightning faster than what the Mobile Charger offers. It is a 48 amps home charging station that delivers 11.3 kW to the truck, meaning you can add up to 32 miles of driving range per hour. This charger requires a dedicated 60 amps circuit.


  • Charges the Lightning faster
  • Cost can be bundled with the cost of the truck when bought at a dealership
  • User-friendly design with adjustable power levels
  • Dedicated coupler dock for storing the cable
  • Integration with the FordPass app, Amazon Alexa, and Google Home

Con – Installation, and operation may require a complete electrical service upgrade

4. Pulsar Plus Level 2 electric vehicle charging station

The Pulsar Plus supplies up to 9.6 kW to the Lightning, but you can choose between 40 and 48 amps. Feel free to install this charging station indoors or outdoors.


  • More than one unit can connect to the same circuit, thanks to its Power Sharing features
  • Connect to low-power circuits by adjusting the capacity from 16 A to 40 A
  • Smartphone app with Wi-Fi or Bluetooth connectivity, with voice control
  • Easy integration with clean energy sources such as solar power


  • The connection cable is short 
  • The Bluetooth connectivity has been reported as buggy

5. JuiceBox 40 Smart electric vehicle charging station

The JuiceBox 40 is a really good-looking home charging station. It is compact and easy to install. It will charge your Lightning fast at the rate of 10 kW.


  • Integration with a smartphone app. Amazon Alexa will let you use voice commands
  • Set your charging time
  • Get reminders and notifications on your charging session
  • Easily store the 25 feet cable when not in use

Con Initial app setup might be slow


The F-150 Lightning is Ford’s first attempt at an electric pickup truck. With any of the best EV home charging stations for Ford F-150 Lightning electric truck mentioned above, you can have a smooth charging experience.