Best EV Home Chargers for Mercedes EQC

EQ is the name of the first Mercedes-Benz all-electric car family. It’s a compact luxury SUV first released back in 2019 after being initially introduced for the first time at the Paris Motor Show in 2018. It was much lauded for its range, safety, and equipment options when being released. As an electric SUV, however, it also requires a quality EV home charging station for owners to keep its range up and battery healthy. Below is our selection for the best electric vehicle home chargers for the Mercedes-Benz EQC electric SUV.

Top Home Charging Stations for Mercedes EQC

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1. ChargePoint Home Flex Electric Vehicle (EV) Charger

Whether you hardwire this ChargePoint EV charger or use the NEMA 14-50 plug, it can provide you with power output up to 50 amps, or up to 34 miles of range per hour (estimated by our charging tool). It even connects to your Amazon Alexa device if you want to add the dimension of voice control. The box is UL-listed for electrical safety and comes Wi-Fi enabled for easy remote control using the dedicated app.

ChargePoint backs up the quality of this product with a 3-year warranty and provides 24/7 customer service support. One small point some users find tricky is that it requires the WiFi connection to work properly, which is inconvenient at times when the Internet is out for whatever reason.


  • Quality backed up by 3-year warranty
  • Fast charging of up to 34 miles range in one hour
  • Save money with off-peak charging arranged using the smartphone app
  • Pairs to Alexa devices for voice commands and pre-set reminders for charging
  • 24/7 customer support is great for new users

Con – WiFi is mandatoy to ensure the charger to operate normally

2. BougeRV Level 2 EV Charger

It’s small and it’s portable but this charger can still offer you the output of 32 amps or 7.2kWh, which can add as much as 21 miles of range per hour. It plus right into a NEMA 14-50 socket and has a huge 25-foot cord for easy access to cars even in the largest garages. This portable unit is perfect for those who take their EQC on the road a lot and need to keep an affordable and powerful charger on hand.

One weakness of the product is that it doesn’t feature a delayed charging function, so you have to plug-in and set it manually for off-peak charging hours. On the other hand, it is well protected against risks like lightning and overcharging. It’s also IP55 waterproof rated.


  • Simple and easy to use – just plug into NEMA 14-50 and start charging
  • Adds up 21 miles of range per hour
  • Portable and durable
  • 25-foot cord makes accessing your car easy

Con – No delayed or automated charging functions

3. ClipperCreek EV Charging Station, Level 2

If you want an EV charging station for your EQC that is made in the US, then this offering from ClipperCreek is ideal. With output of up to 32 amps or 7.7kWh, you can be sure to add 21 miles of range per hour. It’s also ETL listed and certified by ENERGY STAR for safety and quality, and that’s on top of the 3-year warranty that ClipperCreek offers.

Just plug the attractive, sturdy unit into the NEMA 14-50 socket for easy installation. There’s no need for extra installation if you have the socket ready. It even has the cable wrap integrated into the unit so you can keep all components close together and locked for additional security. That’s ideal for those installing outdoors. It’s not a cheap option for a basic plug-and-play model, but it’s solidly built and does the job well.


  • Easy installation and simple interface for no-fuss charging
  • Fast charging ideal for longer-range electric SUV like the EQC
  • Compact and well-integrated unit and components for extra security
  • Quality assured with a 3-year warranty

Cons – Quite expensive for a “no frills” model

4. Amazon Basics Electric Vehicle (EV) Level 2 Charging Station

With many options in the market, sometimes a nice, simple, and powerful wall box unit is just what you need, much like this 32-amp offering from Amazon Basics. It’s a sleek, attractive unit that offers charging up to 6 times faster than your standard level 1 unit. Plug it right into your NEMA 6-50 socket for easy use.

The Amazon unit is IK10-rated against impact and NEMA-4 rated against dust and water. Besides being powerful, it has won awards for its slim design. There is one design flaw, however, which is that the NEMA 6-50 plug is very short and rigid, and can’t be inverted, which means your socket has to be upside down, which is a pain if it’s already installed the right way up.


  • An attractive and well-designed unit
  • Charges 6 times faster than level 1
  • Well protected from physical impact and water damage
  • Easy to install and use

Cons – Plug too short and stiff to invert, meaning socket needs to be reversed

5. FLO Home G5 Level 2 Electric Vehicle (EV) Charging Station

The interesting thing about this unit is that it is quite inconspicuous when installed outdoors. It looks more like a cable holder than a charger, but that’s a plus for those who don’t want to draw attention to their EV home charger.  This is the offline version of the FLO charger, which is simple to install and use, and offers powerful charging, sturdy aluminum casing, and durability in all weather extremes.

FLO backs up this product with an impressive 5-year warranty, which is two years more than most other providers offer. It has a subtle design that is also refined and pleasing for the user. It’s UL-listed for safety and very effective at protecting your home from power fluctuations.


  • Subtle but stylish design
  • Integrated cable management
  • UL-certified
  • Durable and reliable
  • 5-year warranty

Con – “Charging” and “Charged” lights are very similar, making them hard to distinguish

Mercedes EQC – Best EV Home Charging Stations

Select a quality EV home charger that matches your driving habits and your living situation, and your Mercedes-Benz electric vehicle will keep going and going. We hope that the above selection contains your perfect match!