Best EV Home Chargers for Tesla Model 3

The Tesla Model 3 is undoubtedly one of the most stunning and game-changing vehicles on the automotive market today. It has helped to change completely how the world thinks about electric cars. Before Tesla came along, many people assumed that electric cars would be about as stylish as a golf cart, and only able to travel a few miles. The innovation behind Tesla’s battery technology, as well as its incredible designs and quality craftsmanship, has shattered that image forever.

No matter how fantastic the electric car, like the Tesla Model 3, you still have to charge it. The most convenient way is to get yourself a home charging station. It’s a real buyer’s market out there, too, with dozens of choices that keep quality high and prices competitive. The question is, however, how are you to choose the best EV home chargers for Tesla Model 3? That is something we will help you answer with your helpful list below.

Top Home Charging Stations for Tesla Model 3

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1. Tesla Wall Connector

Our top pick has to be Tesla’s own EV home charging station. It’s a stunning piece of kit and will fit seamlessly into your garage or other charging space. We’re sure you’ll love the sleek design and efficient hardware that is specifically designed to keep your Tesla battery in good order. You can also check Tesla’s website and get the Wall Connector at a cheaper price.


  • It’s specifically designed to work optimally with a Tesla car, so it will work in a close symbiotic relationship with your Tesla Model 3 battery.
  • Also compatible with Models S and X, so if you have different Teslas you can get the same charger
  • Can install indoors or outdoors
  • Efficient – gives 44 miles of range per hour of charging.

Con – It’s not the cheapest choice out there, so if you’re looking to save some money, then you might want to consider an alternative.

2. Juicebox 50 Next Generation Smart EV Charging Station

This aptly named high-power piece of kit comes Wi-Fi ready, loaded with a 25-ft cable and is ready to use both indoors and out. You can control your charging remotely and get immediate notification when it’s completed. Let’s look at some of its best features:


  • Fast charging speed, up to 7 times faster than typical chargers
  • App control and voice control via Amazon Echo/Alexa make control convenient and easy
  • You can schedule your charging times when rates/charges are lower using the smart grid savings feature. This helps lower your Tesla running costs
  • Plug-in and go — just need a NEMA 14-50R outlet and it’s ready to go
  • It can share the charging load with two or more chargers without having to add a new circuit

Con – It is compatible with your Tesla, but you do still need an adapter, so that is an extra need. It’s also pricier than even the Tesla brand.

3. Morec EV Charging Station

This level 2 charger comes with a 240V supply and works for all EVs, including your Tesla Model 3. It’s also efficient and reliable, certified by CE and TUV. What else will this charger offer?


  • Crystal-clear display often remarked by customers as being especially easy to read and understand
  • Comes with a two-year warranty on all quality issues
  • Includes a power leveler that maintains balance and equilibrium when doing multiple charges
  • Can be installed indoors or outdoors
  • Great value

Con – Some customers have claimed that the connector is a little stiff on some models, but will be ok with proper force applied.

4. Blink Home Electric Vehicle Charger

The best-value item on our list is this home charging station from Blink. It comes with a built-in delayer to optimize your charging times to be in line with the cheapest utility rates. It’s also fully compatible with Tesla models, as well as many others, making it perfect for the car with different EV brands under one roof.


  • Fast level 2 charging gives you six times more charging speed than the factory-issued cable
  • Indoor/outdoor installation both possible
  • Incredible price under $400, which is very affordable for this type of charger
  • Compact and stylish and no need for any separate app or software to use it

Con – Drivers looking for flash may not be impressed by the “no-frills” approach of Blink. If you’re after more bells and whistles, then this charger probably isn’t for you.

5. Primecom 32Amp Smart EV Charing Station

This level 2 charging station will give you up to six times the speed of your regular cable. The Primecom model works within the 100V and 240V range, and its smart chip will communicate with your electric car’s computer to ensure the correct, safe amount of charge goes through.


  • Universal compatibility makes it good for the home with a Tesla plus any other model.
  • Great customer service, and a 12-month warranty from Primecom.
  • Attractive design and easy to install
  • Sturdy and durable feel to the hardware

Con – Some customers complained that the manual was written in a badly translated English version, which was irritating. Having said that, many also commented on how easy the installation is in spite of that.

In Conclusion:

We hope that you find out the list of the best EV home charging stations for Tesla Model 3 useful! You can be sure that any of these models would be a great choice, but you should also consider your exact needs and home circumstances before you buy a home charger. Remember to think about what voltage level you want, as well as where you’ll be able to install it and keep it safe. Always consider the options before you make a final decision.