Best EV Home Chargers for Tesla Model X

The Tesla Model X was the EV giant’s first foray into the world of electric SUVs. Its large size combined with signature fast all-electric acceleration, as well as the futuristic wing-door design has made it a major hit across the world. Like its fellow Tesla siblings, the Model X is a long-range car with a big battery pack. It takes a lot of power to charge it up. That’s why we’ve put together this list of the best EV home charging stations for the Tesla Model X. Their high-power output makes them ideal for keeping this electric beast going. 

Top Home Charging Stations for Tesla Model X

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1. Tesla Wall Connector (3rd Generation)

With our EV charging time calculator tool we estimate that the latest Wall Connector from Tesla can add as many as 31 miles of range per hour of charging to the Tesla Model X, making it more than sufficient to handle the Model X (or any other Tesla). It’s a Tesla EV home charger built with the Tesla cars specifically in mind. This new wall connector is powerful, sleek, can handle multiple vehicles simultaneously, and is a simple “plug-and-play” style system. You can also check Tesla’s website and get the Wall Connector at a cheaper price.

One small drawback of this new Wall Connector is that the standard cable is now 18’ with no larger option. If you have a larger 2-car garage, it’s no longer guaranteed to reach both cars from one spot. 


  • Fast charging perfect for the long-range Model X – up to 31 miles per hour
  • Beautiful smooth and futuristic design 
  • Easy to use, even includes a button on the charging handle to open your charging port 
  • Durable and suitable for both indoor and outdoor installation 

Con – Reduced standard cable length less helpful for those with larger garages 

2. PRIMECOM 30 FEET Level 2 Electric Vehicle Charger 40 Amp

PRIMECOM now offers this mighty portable charger with 40 amps and up to 240V of power. This will ensure charge rates up to 7 times faster than your factory-issued level 1 charger. We estimate a charged distance of 18 miles for the Tesla Model X per hour charging with this charging station. That will get your Model X back up overnight. It’s also portable so you can take it anywhere and it plugs in to NEMA 14-50, 10-50 and 6-50 outlets. 


  • Smart product with handy screen and intelligent chip that shuts itself off after charging and detects vehicles requested amperage 
  • A huge 30-foot cable means you can charge in just about any garage
  • Strong waterproofing and flame resistance 
  • Great charging power of up to 33 miles of range per hour 

Con – Some users report that the connecting point requires considerable force to secure properly 

3. Pulsar Plus Level 2 Electric Vehicle Smart Charger by Wallbox

This sleek and attractive offering from Wallbox is small enough to be installed subtly either indoors or outdoors without drawing any unnecessary attention to itself. It may be small but it’s also powerful 240-volt charging technology and up to 40 amps of power, and also with smart Wi-Fi connection so you can control all its function from the app. We estimate an added range of 18 miles per hour for the Tesla Model X. You can also connect via Bluetooth if the Wi-Fi is down. Plugin, set your schedule and power settings, and charge.


  • Choose a power rating and schedule from the convenient app for maximum control of charging 
  • Can connect to the app with or without Wi-Fi working 
  • The strong power rating of up to 40 amps, but can be adjusted as low as 16 if you need
  • Small and subtle yet potent and perfect for the mighty Model X 
  • If you have an existing 240V outlet, the pre-assembled design takes just 15 minutes to install 

Cons – Cable didn’t fare well in extremely cold weather tests when compared to some of the competition. 

4. PRIMECOM 40/32Amp Smart Electric Vehicle EV Wall Charging Station

If the portable unit from PRIMECOM doesn’t attract you and you want a more established and solid wall unit, then they have this offering that plugs into a NEMA 14-50 socket with a massive 30-foot cable. Output is up to 9.6kW per hour, which equates to an estimation of 18 miles of range added per hour charging. It features even more durable materials and further product safety. It’s so strong it’s designed to resist the full weight of a car colliding with it. 


  • Powerful and durable unit with great cable length for large garages
  • Fast charging speeds with up to 40 amps and an output of 9.6kW 
  • The handy LCD screen on the Wallbox to monitor charging levels 
  • Supported with a huge raft of safety certifications 

Cons – The simple Wi-fi-free approach may work for some, but it’s a lot of charging stations with very basic features. Those wanting a smarter box should look to another product. 

5. Morec 32 AMP EV Charger Level 2

This is a solid and affordable portable level 2 charging solution from a trusted brand, Morec. It’s the perfect choice for people who charge both at home and on the go. It has impressive safety and proofing ratings, including IP66 total dust protection and waterproofing, CE and TUV certifications, and guaranteed working temperatures from -22 to 122 degrees Fahrenheit. 


  • Works in a huge range of extreme temperatures 
  • Well certified for safety 
  • Portable and easy to use; plugs into any NEMA 14-50 outlet 
  • Charges up to 6 times faster than your level 1 charger 

Con – One small design flaw, it has a thick finger pull on the back of the plug so it can’t always fit into outdoor weatherproof boxes. Check sizes of product plug and your box before purchase. 

Tesla Model X – Best EV Home Charging Stations 

Your Tesla Model X is built to travel. It’s got room for your luggage, your camping gear, your skis, and mountain gear — whatever you’re carrying. Therefore, it also needs to have the range to carry you wherever you need. For that, you need the best EV home chargers for the Tesla Model X. Furnish yourself with the best EV charging stations, and get the best results.